Designed to become your most valued business partner, Marty’s commitment to you is long-term. She will be personally vested in your success and your team’s growth. Her deep CEO experience enables her to quickly understand the challenges that keep you and your team up at night.

Executive Coaching

  • CEO Long-term engagements
  • C-Suite & Executive Leadership Development

Executive success, rooted in experience.

In baseball, the best coaches don’t just know the rules and the technical side of the sport—they understand the game because they’ve played it. They  know how to support individual players to ultimately promote unity and cooperation on the field. They approach each challenge with unique solutions rooted in proven experience. 

Your business deserves the same type of coach. As an executive, you need a coach who has already mastered the game and can help you realize your full potential. 

As an experienced executive with decades of C-Suite experience, Marty isn’t just an executive coach—she’s an advisor and confidante, uniquely suited to offer guidance to CEOs and C-Suite executives based upon practical experience and analytical thinking. 

Executive Team Development



Lead through accountability.

To keep your organization growing sustainably, a well-rounded team of leaders is absolutely essential. Ensure that your executives are fully equipped to make sound leadership decisions, work toward unified goals, collaborate across departments, and maximize their potential. 

The MPetty Group is equipped to facilitate executive meetings, strategy sessions, evaluations, and professional development. We can work with executives both one-on-one and as a whole to ensure a unified executive team is at the helm of your business. With the right tools, executives are able to more effectively lead business strategy and collaborate across departments, ensuring that everyone is working toward the same goals for organizational success.

Succession Planning

  • Key Positions - All Levels
  • C-Suite
  • Career Mapping (Special focus on women and POC)

Empower your team, strengthen your business.

One of the cornerstones of excellent leadership is building something that can continue to succeed without your daily involvement. Marty believes it’s every CEO’s fiduciary responsibility to have a succession plan in place, accounting for the next steps for both organizational success and personal career success.

Succession planning doesn’t just account for top-level executives—it also considers paths forward for the top-performing associates who keep your business thriving. Career mapping for those top performers ensures long-term operational success, diversity, and employee satisfaction within an organization.

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