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We work with a wide range of companies across industries. The bottom line: People are our most valuable asset and developing high-performing teams is at the core of what we do.

“Engagement with the MPetty Group enabled us to gain deeper insights into the characteristics of our leadership team.”

-David Lewis,
Former Market CEO,
United Healthcare, CNF

United Healthcare, Central/North Florida


The situation: David Lewis, the recently retired CEO of UnitedHealthcare, Central/North Florida, engaged The MPetty Group to develop a plan to identify his successor, and the next career steps for his executive team.

The approach: Several possible successors for the CEO were identified based upon their Hartman profiles when benchmarked against the CEO’s profile. Additionally, readiness and stage of career informed the plan.

The solution: When the day came, this important work had not only prepared the organization for a smooth transition, but other executives were also ready for their next steps as well.  The process also produced an “ah-ha” moment,  identifying a “rock star” whose career prospects might have been marginalized. 

Bayada Home Health


The situation: Patrick Daly, former Southeast director of Bayada Home Health, brought in the MPetty Group to assess his directors across their markets and identify areas of development for each. This included himself, anticipating his readiness for the next challenge. “Do I have a potential successor on the team?”

The solution: No immediate candidates emerged, but possibilities for future promotions informed individual development plans. However, the Hartman profiles provided corporate a valuable roadmap to identify the successor.

The result: Daly is now CEO at Sonas Home Health, an expanding home healthcare company, where he puts high value on the capacity of The Petty Group and the Hartman. 

“The Judgment Index™ allows for an exceptional experience into quantifying, measuring and deciphering what I once perceived as subjectivity.”

-Patrick Daly,
Former SE Division Director, Bayada Home Health

“We have found The Judgment Index™ to be very helpful for us in understanding our employees’ potential and in evaluating potential team members. Combined with Marty’s professional experience and coaching, it is a powerful, effective tool.”

-Kyle Parks, Principal,
B2 Communications

B2 Communications


The situation: B2 Communications, a successful public relations agency in Tampa Bay, Fla., wanted help selecting top talent to join its growing team. The principals also wanted to better understand what motivates their predominantly millennial team and to design development plans for each.

The solution: The MPetty Group works side-by-side with B2 leadership to strategically integrate the Hartman tool across all applications, candidate assessments, leadership development of new managers, team building, and executive coaching.

The result: The MPetty Group recently conducted a second Hartman assessment. These scores enabled individuals to actually see their progress in the movement of their scores, producing strong motivation and personal satisfaction to each staff member. Given the firm’s rapid growth, the principals believe The MPetty Group partnership is helping raise the team’s capacity to drive the business forward and grow professionally as individuals and as a team.

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