Guiding your leadership journey.
Being a strong leader isn’t about always having the right answer.

It’s about recognizing strength, practicing sound decision-making, and knowing who to ask for help.

As a leader, you might feel like you’re alone making the tough decisions. With the right guidance, you, your team and your organization can push new boundaries.

We understand what CEOs and their executives face on a daily basis, and strive to bring our years of experience, mistakes, lessons, and an objective view to short- and long-term challenges.

Marty’s approach is centered on identifying unique strengths and characteristics in each leader, serving as a trusted confidante, and offering insight based on her personal and professional experience.

There’s no secret recipe for executive success.

That’s why we work closely with you to create a strategic plan for talent that works for you and your team, and set benchmarks to continually measure progress. Then we prioritize immediate, short-term, and long-term needs so that we can deliver effective results quickly. Depending upon that plan, we can provide custom leadership seminars and workshops focused on specific topics, or coaching to individuals and teams.

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