Aligning Talent to Accelerate & Sustain Growth

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Who We Are

We have passion for our work with people and teams. Central to that work is our ability to scientifically measure an individual's capacity for good judgment under stress using the Hartman Value Profile, a validated instrument for which its creator was nominated for the Nobel Prize. Clients value the strong ROI.


"In promoting and hiring, the majority of CEOs state that their biggest mistake was misjudging an individual’s judgment."

Harvard Business Review

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

What We Believe

Talent is the competitive advantage.

People partner with us because "they believe in what we believe."

The result is long-term loyalty and lasting relationships. 


We Believe

Relationships are earned | Effective leaders are continuous learners | Family always comes first | Quality is more important than quantity | Good must not be the enemy of great | One must take risks and make mistakes to learn | It is a sign of strength to ask for help



Trust & Candor | Honesty & Integrity | Transparency

Humor is the Best Tonic



The MPETTY Group will be best in class in its work to identify and align an organization’s talent to accelerate and sustain business growth. Marty will be the CEO’s most highly valued business partner; the go-to strategist and problem-solver; the independent confidant who brings honesty, integrity and innovative, quantitative talent strategies. Shared values will determine “fit.”



To invest in long-term, C-Suite partnerships with executives who are personally committed to leading their organization’s talent strategies. They believe high-performing talent is the growth accelerator and competitive advantage. They want their brands recognized for their commitment to individual development, non-traditional career paths and best-in-class talent. They want to attract and retain the millennial.