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About our Founder

Marty Petty, Founder and CEO of The MPetty Group, brings significant senior-level, management experience to her work. With 35-plus years of C-suite experience, she understands the challenges CEOs face. Collectively, her work encompasses all aspects of building high-performing and sustainable talent assets in organizations. In fact, this work has defined Marty’s career.

At USF Health in 2013, Marty was introduced to Dr. C. Stephen Byrum and The Hartman Value Profile.™ She realized this powerful tool would have been extremely valuable during her C-Suite tenures. With Steve as her mentor, Marty earned her Master Certification to administer the instrument. Today, she is one of fewer than 100 people worldwide qualified to do so.

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research protege and mentor

Dr. C. Stephen Byrum has been recognized as the international authority on the The Hartman Value Profile.™ A protege of Robert S. Hartman, PhD, he has given his primary attention to advancing the work of this unique tool’s creator for more than 45 years, and in a variety of organizational settings. He has developed numerous applications and interpretations under the brand, the Hartman Value Profile.

Dr. Byrum’s breadth and depth of knowledge, and expertise in applying the insights revealed in more than 70 scientific indicators, deepen the bench of the team for the benefit of our clients.