The Penny Hoarder Hires the MPetty Group to Help Develop Team Members as Organization Grows

Kyle Taylor, Founder & CEO of The Pennyhoarder
April 30, 2018
January 14, 2021
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As the company continues to grow rapidly, MPetty Group is providing feedback, helping with adjustment to change, and developing paths for advancement. 

The Penny Hoarder has grown from 10 to 106 employees over the past two years, creating the need to develop leaders internally while continuing to hire high-performing employees who are a cultural fit.

To achieve these goals, the company has hired The MPetty Group to help provide employees with effective ways to communicate and speak up, and to deliver managers with a tangible, common-sense path for advancement.

The MPetty Group, headed by veteran C-level executive Marty Petty, is establishing ways for Penny Hoarder managers to more effectively give and receive feedback, while helping to ramp up internal communications and establishing ways for the team to adjust to constant growth and change.

There is no end in sight for The Penny Hoarder’s growth: Thanks to its success in creating and delivering effective, popular personal finance content, the company expects to add another 100 team members in the next few years.

“Marty and her team have been invaluable as we put more processes in place to help us manage our growth effectively,” said Kyle Taylor, CEO of Taylor Media, parent company of The Penny Hoarder. “We’re very proud of the culture we’ve created at The Penny Hoarder, and we want to make sure we don’t lose that as we expand our team.”

For The MPetty Group’s Marty Petty, this work is an excellent fit with her experience and expertise. After years of experience in high-level roles with such companies as Times Publishing Co. and University of South Florida Health, she launched The MPetty Group to help organizations develop their teams to reach key strategic goals.

“Working with a young, fast-growing company like The Penny Hoarder has been extremely rewarding,” Petty said. “The team has been very welcoming and open-minded to this type of work, which has helped me glean the insight I need to create a plan that specifically addresses their unique challenges and opportunities.”

The MPetty Group helps companies and organizations identify, develop and retain top talent, using a unique assessment tool that measures someone’s capacity for good judgment, particularly under the intense pressures of today’s business demands.  In turn, this helps organizations reduce hiring mistakes and turnover, develop solid succession plans and coach individuals and teams to perform at their highest capacity.

The MPetty Group’s C-Suite experience complements its work with The Judgment Index™, a unique, quantitative assessment instrument that identifies leadership capacity and provides companies “big data” on their talent. This provides an organization with insights that cannot be measured by any other assessment tool being used today.

In addition to The Penny Hoarder, The MPetty Group works with such companies and organizations as King Engineering Associates, Bayada Home Health Care, Duke Energy, The Beck Group, UnitedHealthcare, and the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership St. Pete group.

About The Penny Hoarder: Founded by CEO Kyle Taylor, Taylor Media owns The Penny Hoarder, a personal finance website that reaches millions of readers each month. Their mission is to put more money in people’s pockets; they do this by sharing job opportunities, personal success stories, practical tips and more. Whether you’re looking for information on weekend side hustles, ways to shave dollars off your grocery budget, or whether you should contribute to an IRA or 401(k), The Penny Hoarder is here to help you make and save more money.

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