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Stress is a factor of everyday life - the ability to measure one’s capacity for consistently making good judgments under stress, provides an organization insights that cannot be measured by any other assessment.

Hartman Value Profile

There are 3 ways we typically assess people: rational intelligence, emotional balance, and personality inventory. These have defined the majority of assessment tools used by organizations for decades. However, the Hartman Value Profile is the only quantitative, scientifically-measured and validated tool that provides a strong prediction of competency and performance.

The Hartman Value Profile is not...

an IQ/Rational Intelligence profile.  

We all know people who score exceptionally well on an IQ test or have numerous academic degrees from some of the most elite universities. Yes, these people are very smart, but they have little common sense or wisdom. The HVP/JI gives us measurable insights into common sense and wisdom.


an Emotional Balance profile.

The HVP/JI is not designed, nor is it intended to measure the possibility of psychological dysfunction. However, certain indicators in an individual’s profile may suggest need for further psychological/psychiatric testing.


a Personality Inventory or test.

The overwhelming majority of assessment tools being used today by organizations are personality profiles. These tools are not good or valid predictors of performance. These types of assessments suggest that some personality or character traits will result in certain kinds of competence – or lack thereof. To the contrary, individuals are able to address these successfully and ultimately perform their work quite well.



The Hartman Value Profile/Judgment Index®  is a measurable assessment of an individual’s value system and capacity for good judgment.

The Hartman Value Profile Measures Judgment - an individual’s ability to:

  • TO SEE - Observe a situation accurately

  • TO DETERMINE - Process information to determine the best solution

  • TO DO - Execute the best solution

Furthermore, the HVP/JI measures an individual’s ability to make consistently good judgments under STRESS, in one’s work life and in one’s personal life.


Value Systems

Hartman believed that a person's values constituted a major motivational factor in the way life was lived. Most significantly, he believed that values are primarily manifested in the judgments, decisions, and choices that drive a person's life. 


About Robert Hartman, PhD

The creator of the Hartman Value Profile was born in Germany in 1913. His earliest boyhood memories were of being taken into Berlin to see all of the festivity and celebration of troops marching off to World War I. His father was absent during much of his youth because of the war; his greatly beloved uncle was killed in the war.

Because of these events, even as a child, Hartman came to understand that what presents itself on the surface of life may have little to do with what is beneath the surface. He asked, “Would there be a way to better understand and see beneath the surface, that which exists in people, in groups and in organizations?