Marty Petty covers career risks and rewards at the Vinoy

The Vinoy Business Alliance is welcoming Marty Petty, president and CEO of the MPetty Group, on Dec. 12 to talk about career risks and rewards at an event titled “The Lessons of a Risk-Taker.” The program will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Vinoy’s Sunset Ballroom, located at 600 Snell Isle Blvd in St. Petersburg.

During the event, you’ll hear Marty’s top two lessons from being a successful risk-taker:

1. Take the risk and embrace a career pivot or daunting assignment – even if you think the boss is crazy.

2. Learn quickly from your mistakes and be comfortable discussing them with those you lead.

Marty will also cover her six key principles for “Leading for Success,” a core set of value-based attributes that are most common to successful, inspirational leaders. The attributes are based upon data from about 2 million leadership profiles from the MPetty Group’s database.

Registration is $25, and lunch will be included. To confirm your registration, contact John Hovland via email,, or by phone, 727-824-8012.